Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Etsy Find... unconventional Camera pouch

So I have been searching for the perfect solution to carrying my big DSLR camera in my purse.  I have tried many of the latest camera/purse style bags and I love them but... I still felt they were a bit to bulky and not enough room for my "mama bag" things.  I really don't need to bring every lens, flash, etc.. when I am headed out to run an errand or being a taxi mom.  So until now I have grabbed my camera and wrapped it in one of my kids stocking hats.  Yes, I know that is so ghetto but it got the job done.  It gave my camera a bit of cushion while seated in my purse.  

I have laid in bed many of nights giving this way to much "thinking" time.  I have thought about making something with foam and cute material (anything better than my sons camo stocking hat) and then it hit me to search on Etsy and that is where I found the perfect solution!!!!  It was tucked in a listing for a diaper bag pouch.  So I contacted the Red Barn Babies and asked if she could add a little batting to the cute fabric drawstring bag that I wanted.  She quickly replied YES! and less than a week  I have my new pouch!

It was just what I wanted!!  So I am sharing this for all those "mamas with a camera" who have lost sleep just like me over how to carry their large camera in their purse.  I have no affiliation with this store just a VERY satisfied customer.

DSC_2806 w

my cute new pouch!

  DSC_2807 w

its even lined with coordinating fabric

  DSC_2808 w

with my d 90 but my large format camera also fits perfect inside

  DSC_2814 w

all tucked inside with room to spare

  DSC_2815 w

all cinched together ready to carrying in my purse

  DSC_2816 w

Where there is a will there will be away but sometimes you have to look beyond the norm and use that thinker you have been blessed with. This was a bag listed for a diaper bag pouch and with great customer service it is now my go-to pouch for my everyday tote of my camera! Thank you Red Barn Babies I can now sleep...

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cathy ransom said...

Love it and I have needed this same thing for so long