Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of School

Our final day of staying up late, sleeping in, not packing lunches or not having to worry about what to wear has come.  For some reason this summer seemed to speed like no other.  I had so many plans last spring of what we were going to do "this summer".   But as quickly as it came, it has quickly passed.

Tuesday morning came super early (5:45 am).  I quickly remembered my routine like an old friend.  Shuffling kids to wake up and get food shoveled down their throats and out the door on time.  This year was a bit different as My Ben was not among the chaos.  He start college a few weeks prior so he was in full school swing by now.  Now that we have been at our new normal for over a week we got it down like we had being doing this all along.

DSC_1749 w

Rog sporting his new book bag with his football number

  DSC_1744_2 w

and A-man with his super smile

DSC_1753 w

the big boys were the first to leave and you can see there were not so enthusiastic about the "mama with the camera"

  DSC_1771 w

then came the princess all packed and ready for the bus stop

  DSC_1782 copy w

where she met up with her BFF Mae

  DSC_1788 w

and then off they went for their first day of school


 then I came home to catch up on a mountain of laundry that was growing up my laundry room door and started thinking of  plans for our "Christmas Break"

Hope everyone had a great first week back at school!

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