Friday, September 27, 2013

Capturing the Everyday

I am in a wonderful photo forum (Clickin Moms) and recently participated in an online workshop that helped me grow not so much as a photographer but as a mom with a camera.  In the past year or so I was at the "burnt out" stage of my photography.  All photogs get it, it is just how to get through it.  For me it was many ups and downs... do I step back and let myself take a break or work hard balancing clients and what I love photographing most... my family.   I would love to tell you I quickly picked the second answer but I did not.  I threw in the towel and decide to take a break.  That is when God gave me a swift kick in the butt and boldly told me this is was what I was meant to do.  Once I announced that I was stepping away the flood gates of encouragement and support of previous clients and family came flowing in.  It really made me rethink why I love what I do. There will be days when I don't want to pick up that beloved camera and the next day when I can't grab it fast enough.  But finding a balance between AC Photographer and "mama with her camera" aka the family historian, is what I have set out to do.

This is where the workshop comes in!

This wonderful photographer and mother of two (Chubby Cheeks Photography)shared with us the importance of balancing the business and photographing the "everyday".  So I took that and it inspired me to start an Everyday Project.  I am not setting up huge expectations of a 365 project.  I am doing this for me!  Moments that I want to remember when my kids are grown and out on their own (and oh fast that is approaching).  I want to stop time and remember the little messes they leave around.

DSC_3539 w

I want to remember the days of them gathered around my kitchen table doing last minute homework until 11:00 pm.

DSC_3543 w

DSC_3538 w

I want to remember the the keys, sunglasses and thumb drives I ask them TWENTY times to put away

DSC_3540 w

I want to remember Aman's love for his "fancy watch" that he keeps tucked away on high shelves instead of neatly placed on his dresser.

DSC_3547 w

and the video games that seem to have legs and scatter all over my living room at night while we sleep

DSC_3545 w

and how Ben's love for music equals sheet music, capos and banjo picks scattered on my end table

DSC_3549 w

and remember how my little princess neatly organizes her stash of bracelets, books and her pretend iphone on the steps to take up when she goes to bed.

and lastly.... I have put up MANY MANY things that my kiddos have left out and about but this week I found one that was picture documentation worthy.  It was one that puzzled me and grossed me out all at the same time.

DSC_3533 w

A Fork in the bathroom!  After the boys scattered out of the house for school I found this in the bathroom. BLAH!!!! only a teenage boy would do something like this and to this point not one of the have confessed.  But it will still be a memory that I will take me back to that very morning that I found it.  Knowing every little detail... they had my weight watcher strawberry pie for breakfast, that they forgot their science book and they were rushing out the door as they were running 5 minutes behind.    These are the things that this mama want to remember <3 p="">

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