Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh Summer where have you gone?

It is finally coming to an end!  It has been packed full and started off with a slap in the face of how big my kids really are...


Not only did my oldest turn 18...

_DSC0042 w


He also gradutated from High School

_DSC0132 w

We had a fun time celebrating with family and friends

  _DSC0120 w

and this little princess was very relieved to hear her big brother decided to go locally to college

  _DSC0073 w

then came Daddio and My mom's birthday

  _DSC0004 w

A-man taking a moment with his mama for a lunch date

  _DSC0007 w

while the princess is hanging out at Divas n Dudes for Diva Camp!


and the much needed trip to the beach!


it is totally official I have finished up the last school supply and new shoes shopping list. Bring on the Fall!

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