Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Your Birthday!!!

_DSC0027 w

This weekend we got to celebrate not one but two special birthdays.  My dad and Mae's birthday falls on the same day.

     _DSC0029 w

my house was packed full

  _DSC0055 wI had kiddos everywhere, sprinkled with an adult here and there

_DSC0035 w

and then there was singing and cake... yum

  _DSC0037 w

_DSC0047 w

_DSC0044 w

and this is my little princess's favorite part (singing happy birthday)

  _DSC0050 w

but Addy's favorite is eating the cake time

  _DSC0056 w

and PaPaw loves present time

  _DSC0076 w

It was a fun day with family celebrating. I look forward to our "family time" on Sundays every week. I hope we never get to busy and push times like these aside.

  _DSC0031 w

Happy Birthday PaPaw and Maelyn

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