Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Football Time!

Not only is it time for the kiddos to go back to school it is also time for one of my favorite sport season...Football!  I have to admit I am not really a true hardcore  "football fan".  I really just love football when my boys are playing.

_DSC0049 ww

This year I have a varsity football player.  That means Friday night lights for this family!!

_DSC0056 ww

This past week we had a scrimmage at a nearby college.  The boys were super hype about playing on a college field.

_DSC0081 ww

_DSC0088 ww

My nephew making the first TD of the night!!!


We are hoping for a great season this year!!!

  _DSC0115 ww

Now on to the 2013 football Season full of wins, crowded parking lots, traffic, crammed bleachers, marching bands and cow bells!!!

  _DSC0123 ww

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