Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beach Getaway Pt 3

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our last full day at the beach we woke up and had homemade french toast made from cinnamon swirl bread. It was delicious! After much laying around, cause that is what you do when your on vacation, we finally got the routine of bathing suits check, cooler packed check and sunscreen check!

 Late the night before my brother-n-law had drove down and joined us. He decided to take the boys on a fishing expedition. They took the ferry to OC Island and got a permit to drive on the beach for some serious fishing! are you wondering what they caught? NOTHING! $150 later NOTHING! but you can't put a price on good times right.

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As the boys were "fishing" and taking the ferry back and forth us girls spent another full day on the beach.


they played and ate (cause that is what you do on vacation)

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and just when the evening was coming we headed to another beach to find BIG shells...

  _DSC0083 w

_DSC0083 w

Addy had just as much fun as the big girls. She would pick up a shell and press it to her cheek. We think it was the coolness from the shells that she loved. She is sweet as PIE!

  _DSC0142 w

My little princess is obsessed with shells. She was so excited when MiMi (my sister) told her of this other beach that had BIG shells. It was the highlight of her day. She even told us as she was running from shell to shell stuffing them in her bag "this is like Easter but with shells"

  _DSC0097 w


_DSC0131 w

and after our bags were bursting and the sun was setting we called it a day! Another Good Day at the Beach.

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Thank you Tammy for allowing us to enjoy your beautiful beach house!

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