Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beach Getaway Pt 2

We had a wonderful relaxing day on the beach.  The sun was blazing but the wind was blowing.  It was perfect weather for a long day by the ocean.

_DSC0202 copy bw w

the crew was excited and all sun-screened up!

  _DSC0142 copy w

Addy Cate was ready to dig in to the sand

  _DSC0167 w

and the princess and Cabell could not wait to run to the shore line but only shin deep. (we had to lay down the law because the week prior there was a fatal drowning at the same beach from the rip-current... SCARY!)

  _DSC0216 w

the big boys were not so happy with our rules but they got over it. We did let them go out a bit further... but not far

  _DSC0182 w

A-man getting some sister time with the princess (oh and he is not far out he is sitting)

  _DSC0212 w

I love that even though he is a young man he still takes time with her...

  _DSC0191 w

Addy knew exactly what was going on in that loud, wave crashing, rip-current, shark swiming and crab crawling waters that was ahead of her.

  _DSC0387 w

why is it that something I love so much I am so freaked out about????

  _DSC0320 copy bw w

just when people started pulling up their umbrellas and packing up their coolers the drama started...

  _DSC0353 w

the kids were getting a little "over it" bored and we had to think of things to keep them entertained. Well me being the "genius" I am said why don't you have a race?


so that is what they did... notice the pure joy and excitement on the princess's face but check out the pure determination on Cabell's face

  _DSC0364 w

and at the end, the princess won and competitive Cabell was not a happy loser

  _DSC0335 w


  _DSC0322 w

but it wasn't long and she was back to Sweet Cabell

  _DSC0407 w

so we held them off as long as we could (the late late afternoon is our favorite time on the beach)

  _DSC0240 copy w

Addy hung right in there with us till the end

  _DSC0418 mh w

and then when this guy (Carson) reminded us 75 times that we had spent 8 straight hours at the beach we decided to call it a day...

  _DSC0416 wOne darn Good Day at the beach!!!!!

Last but not least... Pt 3 up tomorrow

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