Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach Getaway Part 1

_DSC0339 w

I was the luckiest girl in the world to score a few day "getaway" to the beach!  It was so nice to escape to the place where you can't help but relax.  We had a small football & cheerleading team with us...

_DSC0141 copy bw w

My A-man (my youngest son who looks so much like my dad it is scary)


my little princess


sweet Addy Cate (niece)

  _DSC0079 copy w

Prissy Cabell Anne (niece)

  _DSC0135 copy w

Carson (my nephew)

  _DSC0131 wLast but not least my nephew Gregory (aka the hobbit... he NEVER has on shoes or a shirt 100% BOY!!!!)

 And my sister Melinda who happens to be the best custom cookie baker in town just check her out here!  and of course ME!

Daddio and my other 2 boys weren't as lucky and had to stay home to bring in cabbage $$$.
( I love him for that)

And even though the kids out numbered the adults we had a wonderful time with lots of  relaxing.

  _DSC0096 w

one of the "BONUSES" of staying on the canal was having a great place for the boys to be boys and explore.

  _DSC0099 bw w

they went up and down the water paths looking for adventure

  _DSC0081 copy w

The girls, we sat on the dock and watched the fish jump and enjoyed the beach air.

  _DSC0092 copy w

They loved counting the crabs clinging to the dock post

  _DSC0086 copy w

while Addy Cate tested her mama to see how close she could get to the waters edge

  _DSC0134 w

and then ended our first day as the sun said goodnight!

come back for part 2...

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Skeller said...

what an amazing vacation! I had a blast scrolling thru your beach pictures :-)