Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Weekend!

We are preparing for BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  Just want to wish everyone  a happy Labor Day Weekend!

DSC_1190 w

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Your Birthday!!!

_DSC0027 w

This weekend we got to celebrate not one but two special birthdays.  My dad and Mae's birthday falls on the same day.

     _DSC0029 w

my house was packed full

  _DSC0055 wI had kiddos everywhere, sprinkled with an adult here and there

_DSC0035 w

and then there was singing and cake... yum

  _DSC0037 w

_DSC0047 w

_DSC0044 w

and this is my little princess's favorite part (singing happy birthday)

  _DSC0050 w

but Addy's favorite is eating the cake time

  _DSC0056 w

and PaPaw loves present time

  _DSC0076 w

It was a fun day with family celebrating. I look forward to our "family time" on Sundays every week. I hope we never get to busy and push times like these aside.

  _DSC0031 w

Happy Birthday PaPaw and Maelyn

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Fact Friday!

1.  I use to sell Estee Lauder 

2.  Sometimes I don't wash off my make-up at night (which is weird  cause I know I should since I use to sell cosmetics) 

3. I love "high fashion" photography

4.  I wanted a perm (remember those) but my sister who is a hairdresser said NO WAY!

5.  I pluck my eyebrows in the car, totally the best light and hands free mirror. 

Happy Weekend!

_DSC1412 copy mh - w Copy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh Summer where have you gone?

It is finally coming to an end!  It has been packed full and started off with a slap in the face of how big my kids really are...


Not only did my oldest turn 18...

_DSC0042 w


He also gradutated from High School

_DSC0132 w

We had a fun time celebrating with family and friends

  _DSC0120 w

and this little princess was very relieved to hear her big brother decided to go locally to college

  _DSC0073 w

then came Daddio and My mom's birthday

  _DSC0004 w

A-man taking a moment with his mama for a lunch date

  _DSC0007 w

while the princess is hanging out at Divas n Dudes for Diva Camp!


and the much needed trip to the beach!


it is totally official I have finished up the last school supply and new shoes shopping list. Bring on the Fall!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Football Time!

Not only is it time for the kiddos to go back to school it is also time for one of my favorite sport season...Football!  I have to admit I am not really a true hardcore  "football fan".  I really just love football when my boys are playing.

_DSC0049 ww

This year I have a varsity football player.  That means Friday night lights for this family!!

_DSC0056 ww

This past week we had a scrimmage at a nearby college.  The boys were super hype about playing on a college field.

_DSC0081 ww

_DSC0088 ww

My nephew making the first TD of the night!!!


We are hoping for a great season this year!!!

  _DSC0115 ww

Now on to the 2013 football Season full of wins, crowded parking lots, traffic, crammed bleachers, marching bands and cow bells!!!

  _DSC0123 ww

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Fact Friday

1.  I don't hate doing laundry or folding it but I just LOATH putting it away.  You probably will find a stack of clean folded laundry in a basket in my bedroom (maybe even 2)

2.  I now have an Etsy Store selling my still life photography.  Stop by and check it out.  I am having a 20% off summer sale!  I also will be adding new things within the next few weeks.  planners, coffee mugs, more greeting cards and phone covers! Just go here Photos by Ally

3.  My new obsession is flickr.  Being a photo junkie and loving to look at beautiful images, this is the place to get my fix.  After a long busy day I grab my tablet and just scroll.  LOVE IT!

4. Daddio and I are trying to finish all of the seasons of 24 on Netflix before the new series starts back in the fall.  I have to limit myself to how many because if  I watch to many before bed I start to have anxiety!  

5.  I have allowed my boys to get 2 Bearded Dragons (lizards) and I actually like them.  Weird huh?

Hope you have a wonderful Weekend!

_DSC0030 mh tx w

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beach Getaway Pt 3

_DSC0083 2 w

our last full day at the beach we woke up and had homemade french toast made from cinnamon swirl bread. It was delicious! After much laying around, cause that is what you do when your on vacation, we finally got the routine of bathing suits check, cooler packed check and sunscreen check!

 Late the night before my brother-n-law had drove down and joined us. He decided to take the boys on a fishing expedition. They took the ferry to OC Island and got a permit to drive on the beach for some serious fishing! are you wondering what they caught? NOTHING! $150 later NOTHING! but you can't put a price on good times right.

  _DSC0008 W

_DSC0020 W

As the boys were "fishing" and taking the ferry back and forth us girls spent another full day on the beach.


they played and ate (cause that is what you do on vacation)

     _DSC0132 w

and just when the evening was coming we headed to another beach to find BIG shells...

  _DSC0083 w

_DSC0083 w

Addy had just as much fun as the big girls. She would pick up a shell and press it to her cheek. We think it was the coolness from the shells that she loved. She is sweet as PIE!

  _DSC0142 w

My little princess is obsessed with shells. She was so excited when MiMi (my sister) told her of this other beach that had BIG shells. It was the highlight of her day. She even told us as she was running from shell to shell stuffing them in her bag "this is like Easter but with shells"

  _DSC0097 w


_DSC0131 w

and after our bags were bursting and the sun was setting we called it a day! Another Good Day at the Beach.

  _DSC0112 w

Thank you Tammy for allowing us to enjoy your beautiful beach house!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beach Getaway Pt 2

We had a wonderful relaxing day on the beach.  The sun was blazing but the wind was blowing.  It was perfect weather for a long day by the ocean.

_DSC0202 copy bw w

the crew was excited and all sun-screened up!

  _DSC0142 copy w

Addy Cate was ready to dig in to the sand

  _DSC0167 w

and the princess and Cabell could not wait to run to the shore line but only shin deep. (we had to lay down the law because the week prior there was a fatal drowning at the same beach from the rip-current... SCARY!)

  _DSC0216 w

the big boys were not so happy with our rules but they got over it. We did let them go out a bit further... but not far

  _DSC0182 w

A-man getting some sister time with the princess (oh and he is not far out he is sitting)

  _DSC0212 w

I love that even though he is a young man he still takes time with her...

  _DSC0191 w

Addy knew exactly what was going on in that loud, wave crashing, rip-current, shark swiming and crab crawling waters that was ahead of her.

  _DSC0387 w

why is it that something I love so much I am so freaked out about????

  _DSC0320 copy bw w

just when people started pulling up their umbrellas and packing up their coolers the drama started...

  _DSC0353 w

the kids were getting a little "over it" bored and we had to think of things to keep them entertained. Well me being the "genius" I am said why don't you have a race?


so that is what they did... notice the pure joy and excitement on the princess's face but check out the pure determination on Cabell's face

  _DSC0364 w

and at the end, the princess won and competitive Cabell was not a happy loser

  _DSC0335 w


  _DSC0322 w

but it wasn't long and she was back to Sweet Cabell

  _DSC0407 w

so we held them off as long as we could (the late late afternoon is our favorite time on the beach)

  _DSC0240 copy w

Addy hung right in there with us till the end

  _DSC0418 mh w

and then when this guy (Carson) reminded us 75 times that we had spent 8 straight hours at the beach we decided to call it a day...

  _DSC0416 wOne darn Good Day at the beach!!!!!

Last but not least... Pt 3 up tomorrow