Monday, June 3, 2013

A trip to the Bay!


We took our first trip  of the year to the water Memorial Day weekend.


What is it about the water that is so calming and great therapy from the everyday rat race?

  _DSC0012 w

We were taking it all in!


Some more than others... Cabell was enjoying the sand treatment she was getting.

_DSC0119 w

they had some way overdue BFF Cuz time

  _DSC0081 w

and sweet A was enjoying having her big brother home from school

  _DSC0085 w

Even the "gremlin" was in on the fun

_DSC0088 copy w

 It was a family affair all around

  _DSC0110 w

_DSC0116 copy mh w

_DSC0059 w

It was the perfect little get away...

  _DSC0096 w

Now full speed ahead as the next few weeks are gonna be a memorable but oh so busy time

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