Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trip to the Zoo

Life around the C house is pretty eventful. There always seems to be extra kids, drama, or just plain craziness. I often call it my home Zoo! Well I actually got to visit a "real" zoo and I felt right at home.

  _DSC0032 w

these little guys were just like the extra little peeps I find at my door

  _DSC0038 w

and this is what they do once they are inside

  _DSC0047 mh w

do I need to even say who this is???  (uhmm... my kids)

_DSC0061 w

This is one of my favorite birds.  So relaxed in the middle of all this

  _DSC0062 w

_DSC0090 w

Have you ever seen such scary eyes? This was some type of vulture... creepy


_DSC0078 mh w

if I could, I would have stayed and watched this cute little fellow all day.  And if you are wondering I did not have my kiddos.   I was with my sweet preschool class :)

 Happy Saturday!

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