Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Next Chapter...

I am ready to start the next chapter of this wonderful life (not perfect, just wonderful) God has blessed me with.


I spent the winter doing some soul searching and asking God what is next for me???  I know most photographers go through it but I was just uneasy about it... Yes, the dreaded FUNK!!!  I lost my desire to create and capture things that first took me down this path.  When I was a home I had this love/hate relationship with my beloved camera.  I could not get "that feeling" back in my being.  Well it was during the cold and barren winter that I found the answers to what I was searching for.   It was all about going where I started.  Why I loved picking up my camera, those moments I loved to capture, the things that were close to my heart... my family.


the joy that images like this bring me


It is who I am....  a mother who wants to remember every laugh, tear, trips to the park, birthdays, graduations, proms and everything in between.   Big moments to the everyday moments that sometimes get over looked.   "There" is where I veered away from and "there" where I am heading back.   Just a mom with a camera.


So it is with an excited heart that I am taking sometime out from Allyson Causey Photography to be a Mom, the family historian, to document my beautiful family!!!!!

_DSC2939 copy w

and I have found my way back to where my heart & camera are as one...  "there" has turned to my "here"

_DSC0146 bw

I would be so glad for you to follow me along this journey back to where I started as I blog my beautiful but not so perfect life!  (3 boys and a princess, photography blog).

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