First Snow of Winter!

We finally got our first snow.  It may not have been much for those out mid-west but to us "southerners" it was just enough to call school.  The kiddos sat eagerly checking their fb waiting for the post.  I found a lot of humor in how they communicate and how it has changed since we were young.  We always had to sit in front of the TV and wait for our spot in the alphabetic school  order to come back around to see if it was indeed closed.  Now in this tech savvy time just a click of a button and you know.  

The princess could not wait to get out in the snow!  So big brother volunteered to brave the cold but mushy snow and savor the moment before it all melted away. 

_DSC3927 copy w

Nothing but sweet joy!

_DSC3971 copy w

Laughing all they way down...

   _DSC3975 copy w

ready to go again

  str 1 w

snow ball fights & Aman being a good sport with her clear advantage

  _DSC3962 copy w

 and finished the outing with a sweet "thank-you"

  _DSC3894 copy w

Princess: Aman thank you for playing with me in the snow.
 Aman: Awh, your welcome. It was fun!
 Princess: Aman, I will never forget this. We were making memories!

_DSC3905 copy w

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