Monday, January 21, 2013

Best Friends, a personal project

After a few days of wet slushy snow, we woke to sunshine and warmer weather! It just so happen we had M down for a play date which sparked the urge to take advantage of this beautiful sunshine. One of the things I love most of my downtime in the winter is I use this time to work on some personal projects that stretch my creativity. I had a vision and 2 beautiful participants and it all came together.

  _DSC3990 copy bw w_DSC4018 copy w _DSC4044 copy hz w

this image made my heart sing ... Love!

  _DSC4058 copy hz w

then came M and her eyes that just stop you in your tracks...

  _DSC4074 copy bw w_DSC4080 copy hz w
_DSC4126 copy w _DSC4137 copyw _DSC4176 copy rib w

Together they make "art"

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