Monday, December 9, 2013

Sunday Night is "Nail Night"

DSC_4393 w

My little princess loves getting her nails painted.  I never seem to find the time to do my own nails much less hers as well.  So we came up with a solution!  

DSC_4394 w

Sunday Night is our "Nail Night".

DSC_4395 w

I heard this once on a TV show a busy family of 7 who picked one night to have some "girl time" together.

DSC_4405 w

After a busy weekend and we are in our "getting ready for back to school on Monday" frenzy we take some time to paint nails.

DSC_4409 w

 A fun way to put some much needed downtime in with my princess.

DSC_4412 w

And FUN we do have!!!  There is NEVER a  shortage of laughs with this toothless princess :)

DSC_4418 w

Friday, October 11, 2013

i heart faces pink

The theme over at i heart faces is "pink challenge" in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

_DSC8034 copy mh cp w

don't forget to head over to i heart faces and submit one of your own! Just go HERE

Photo Challenge Submission
I have set a goal for myself for the "busy season" of my Allyson Causey Photography business.   In the past, when December rolls around I get burnt out and feel very overwhelmed.  Not because I am busy... but because I seem to not pick up my camera for the folks I love photographing the most, my family.  So I am staying the course and picking little times to sneak in everyday moments and some magical moments I create myself.

The forecast was calling for 5 long days of rainy weather (which I did welcome, as we needed the rain).  Before the weather came in I decided to get in a quick session of my little princess.  Cloudy, overcast light is one of my favorite...

DSC_4439 copy w

  DSC_4458 w

DSC_4492 copy baller w

DSC_4508 copy baller w

DSC_4475 w

there is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the precious gift of motherhood that God has given me ... I am truly blessed!

Linking to Favorite Photo Friday at The Long Road to China!
Happy Friday!  It is has been a rainy, dreary week in my neck of the woods but it gave me a chance to get some major cleaning done.  I also got to add some fun stuff to my Etsy Store Photos by Ally.

Here are a few...

New Greeting Card Sets: DSC_4608 w

Celebrate Fall

  DSC_4563 w

Animals Talk!

  DSC_4550 w

and one of my favorite... Cupcake Dreams Birthday Greetings

 A few new Prints for your Kitchen Decor!

  _DSC0098 mh tx w

_DSC0065 mh tx w

I have also added day planners that have style and functionality!

  _DSC0004 w

this is mine and it goes with me everywhere!!!!

  _DSC0006 w

keep track of appointments daily

  _DSC0007 w

or by the month at a glance

  _DSC0013 w

it also has great tools to keep track of your money going in and out and a section for notes! All of these items make great Christmas Gifts or a special treat just for you!

For more ideas visit my Etsy Store HERE

 Thank you for stopping in and I hope you have a weekend full of Blessings!!!!

Photography Idol submission for the Chic Critique Forum

The Chic Critique is having a Photography Idol contest.  Your entry needs to convey your style and brand of your business.  Well this sums mine up!!! Most of my beautiful clients come to me cause they feel my style of photography and I LOVE that they get it!  This is my beautiful niece that I call the official Allyson Causey Photography spokes model as when I get an idea she is always willing to do it.  Well, her "senior year" has finally come and we traveled to a bay island get some images that I had swimming (ha ha ) in my head.  This was by far the our favorite!   

DSC_1713 copy w
Most every Sunday my family (extended) get together to catch up from our hectic weeks.  We share a meal and the kids hang out and play.  We sit around the kitchen table and find out the latest information on who and what and how we are going to start our diet on Monday.  It is just a time to sit back and enjoy each other.

DSC_2863 w

even the kiddos get in on the "table talk"

  DSC_2856 w

and sweet Addy normally bosses the big boys into turning off their video games and turning on Barney

  DSC_2853 w

it is hard to say no to this adorable smile

  DSC_2848 w

and my son's girl friend joined in on the fun and it was her Birthday!!!!

  DSC_2847 w

the boyz!

  DSC_2844 W

Mas looks so thrilled to have the family crashing his pad

  DSC_2821 W

and the second best part of the day... dessert and we eat it cause we are starting our new diet on Monday! Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Capturing the Everyday

I am in a wonderful photo forum (Clickin Moms) and recently participated in an online workshop that helped me grow not so much as a photographer but as a mom with a camera.  In the past year or so I was at the "burnt out" stage of my photography.  All photogs get it, it is just how to get through it.  For me it was many ups and downs... do I step back and let myself take a break or work hard balancing clients and what I love photographing most... my family.   I would love to tell you I quickly picked the second answer but I did not.  I threw in the towel and decide to take a break.  That is when God gave me a swift kick in the butt and boldly told me this is was what I was meant to do.  Once I announced that I was stepping away the flood gates of encouragement and support of previous clients and family came flowing in.  It really made me rethink why I love what I do. There will be days when I don't want to pick up that beloved camera and the next day when I can't grab it fast enough.  But finding a balance between AC Photographer and "mama with her camera" aka the family historian, is what I have set out to do.

This is where the workshop comes in!

This wonderful photographer and mother of two (Chubby Cheeks Photography)shared with us the importance of balancing the business and photographing the "everyday".  So I took that and it inspired me to start an Everyday Project.  I am not setting up huge expectations of a 365 project.  I am doing this for me!  Moments that I want to remember when my kids are grown and out on their own (and oh fast that is approaching).  I want to stop time and remember the little messes they leave around.

DSC_3539 w

I want to remember the days of them gathered around my kitchen table doing last minute homework until 11:00 pm.

DSC_3543 w

DSC_3538 w

I want to remember the the keys, sunglasses and thumb drives I ask them TWENTY times to put away

DSC_3540 w

I want to remember Aman's love for his "fancy watch" that he keeps tucked away on high shelves instead of neatly placed on his dresser.

DSC_3547 w

and the video games that seem to have legs and scatter all over my living room at night while we sleep

DSC_3545 w

and how Ben's love for music equals sheet music, capos and banjo picks scattered on my end table

DSC_3549 w

and remember how my little princess neatly organizes her stash of bracelets, books and her pretend iphone on the steps to take up when she goes to bed.

and lastly.... I have put up MANY MANY things that my kiddos have left out and about but this week I found one that was picture documentation worthy.  It was one that puzzled me and grossed me out all at the same time.

DSC_3533 w

A Fork in the bathroom!  After the boys scattered out of the house for school I found this in the bathroom. BLAH!!!! only a teenage boy would do something like this and to this point not one of the have confessed.  But it will still be a memory that I will take me back to that very morning that I found it.  Knowing every little detail... they had my weight watcher strawberry pie for breakfast, that they forgot their science book and they were rushing out the door as they were running 5 minutes behind.    These are the things that this mama want to remember <3 p="">

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Etsy Find... unconventional Camera pouch

So I have been searching for the perfect solution to carrying my big DSLR camera in my purse.  I have tried many of the latest camera/purse style bags and I love them but... I still felt they were a bit to bulky and not enough room for my "mama bag" things.  I really don't need to bring every lens, flash, etc.. when I am headed out to run an errand or being a taxi mom.  So until now I have grabbed my camera and wrapped it in one of my kids stocking hats.  Yes, I know that is so ghetto but it got the job done.  It gave my camera a bit of cushion while seated in my purse.  

I have laid in bed many of nights giving this way to much "thinking" time.  I have thought about making something with foam and cute material (anything better than my sons camo stocking hat) and then it hit me to search on Etsy and that is where I found the perfect solution!!!!  It was tucked in a listing for a diaper bag pouch.  So I contacted the Red Barn Babies and asked if she could add a little batting to the cute fabric drawstring bag that I wanted.  She quickly replied YES! and less than a week  I have my new pouch!

It was just what I wanted!!  So I am sharing this for all those "mamas with a camera" who have lost sleep just like me over how to carry their large camera in their purse.  I have no affiliation with this store just a VERY satisfied customer.

DSC_2806 w

my cute new pouch!

  DSC_2807 w

its even lined with coordinating fabric

  DSC_2808 w

with my d 90 but my large format camera also fits perfect inside

  DSC_2814 w

all tucked inside with room to spare

  DSC_2815 w

all cinched together ready to carrying in my purse

  DSC_2816 w

Where there is a will there will be away but sometimes you have to look beyond the norm and use that thinker you have been blessed with. This was a bag listed for a diaper bag pouch and with great customer service it is now my go-to pouch for my everyday tote of my camera! Thank you Red Barn Babies I can now sleep...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of School

Our final day of staying up late, sleeping in, not packing lunches or not having to worry about what to wear has come.  For some reason this summer seemed to speed like no other.  I had so many plans last spring of what we were going to do "this summer".   But as quickly as it came, it has quickly passed.

Tuesday morning came super early (5:45 am).  I quickly remembered my routine like an old friend.  Shuffling kids to wake up and get food shoveled down their throats and out the door on time.  This year was a bit different as My Ben was not among the chaos.  He start college a few weeks prior so he was in full school swing by now.  Now that we have been at our new normal for over a week we got it down like we had being doing this all along.

DSC_1749 w

Rog sporting his new book bag with his football number

  DSC_1744_2 w

and A-man with his super smile

DSC_1753 w

the big boys were the first to leave and you can see there were not so enthusiastic about the "mama with the camera"

  DSC_1771 w

then came the princess all packed and ready for the bus stop

  DSC_1782 copy w

where she met up with her BFF Mae

  DSC_1788 w

and then off they went for their first day of school


 then I came home to catch up on a mountain of laundry that was growing up my laundry room door and started thinking of  plans for our "Christmas Break"

Hope everyone had a great first week back at school!