Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Already!!!!

This week has flown by! My little princess was down with a case of Infantigo. If you never heard of it (which I hadn't) don't go searching it as it is GROSS! It is a nasty skin rash/infection that is normally on the face. I had originally treated it as a fever blister but when it started to spread I knew something was up.

So off the Dr we went...

Day 9  Sick Mondays

This was probably caused from to much hugging of "her boys" during or after wrestling. She wasn't to bummed as she scored a whole 4 days out of school. After she was on her antibiotic she could have return but she was very aware of how ghastly it looked. (which she was still beautiful to me) So I allowed her to stay home and do fun stuff like a trip to the grocery store.

1/10  trips to the store

She thought she had scored a trip to Disney since she misses out most of the time as I do my shopping while she is in school. She was able to fill HER own grocery list which included Pop-cycles and new markers.

Now as I am sitting in a quiet house I am looking forward to the afternoon when she steps off the bus and I see this...

4/366  after school

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