Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The last of Christmas Memories

More Christmas Baking... yum!

_DSC0784 w

_DSC0793 w

found a lot of new ideas on Pintrest, (my favorite guilty pleasures)

_DSC0867 w

The King of the Castle and his beautiful princess

_DSC0878 w

and the prince on our way out to Christmas Eve Service. Another of my favorites, couldn't think of a better place to be

_DSC0890 w

After service we had a quick stop over at Coo Coo's (my sister) and we received a special visit

_DSC0896 w

Someone dressed in red and patting on the window

_DSC0906 copy w

just a quick reminder to all the kids to get in bed early and not to forget his milk and cookies

_DSC0911 w

a memory that I hope they will cherish forever

_DSC0924 w

Then came Christmas Morning... bright and very early

_DSC0952 w

Santa had brought the princess an Easy Bake Oven

_DSC0963 w

the boys left their loot behind to get in on this action. They made Cookies!

_DSC0974 w

if you remember anything about my princess you know 2 things for sure, she is beautiful and she is EXTREMELY by the book (aka OCD). The directions said for the cookies to cool for 5 minutes and the boys were grabbing and eating them WAY before 5 minutes had past. This sent her spiraling into a panic!!!!

_DSC0978 w

until she realized if she didn't get her share NOW the boys would eat them all.

_DSC1034 w

then we headed over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go!

_DSC1051 w

can you see that Addy is the apple in everyones eyes!! No lack of love here

_DSC1073 w

Maw Maw and PawPaw gave everyone the gift of socks! Yes socks 1 pair each.

_DSC1072 w

everyone was delighted :)

_DSC1070 w

she got purple ones

_DSC1120 w

then the games began as present where soaring through air, paper and boxes everywhere and even bags full of little girls...

_DSC1142 w

Mae got "cookie" the fur real pet

_DSC1131 w

Mason a Jar of Mayo! (inside joke to long to tell)

_DSC1127 w

Last but not least the Gremlin! I could not resist the temptation to pull a prank on him. We had his name and decided to wrap up a 1/2 eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Boy was he MAD!!!! Of course after we all got a big kick out of it I game him his real present. After looking at the video when he opened it I felt really bad and swore I would never tease the Gremlin again.... until next time that is :)

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