Friday, January 6, 2012

The Holidays Rolling Along!

_DSC0438 w

Bryce (my nephew) had his 17 birthday in December.


The best Mom and Dad EVER!!!! They needed a picture for their Christmas Cards so we worked in some pictures.

_DSC0398 w

Our church every year host a Gingerbread Mansion night where the kiddos come and make gingerbread houses, a little fun Praise and Worship & a puppet show of why we celebrate Christmas


Mae's finished product!


and the princess


I took the princess for a quick visit to Santa. Can you tell she was excited! She ran and jump right in his lap


She very careful gave him her list. She went over it 10 times in the car to make sure she didn't mess it up.


What is Christmas without a baking day!


A-man got REAL creative... No this did not make it in the oven. lol


then it was time to decorate. Mae is a bit of a mess maker, if you don't believe me go back and check out that picture of her with her gingerbread house... check out her dress! She likes to dig in and get dirty.


... on the other hand, OCD kicks in and she puts one sprinkle at a time on her cookies. Yeah that is my dork son Roger tipping the 2 liter of Mountain Dew (aka: Big Boy Juice)as he is filling up on cookies. YIKES!

_DSC0775 mh

I love this time with my kids. Lots of mess but worth the time together.

Up next the finale!!

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