Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here and Gone...

The kids are back in school and my Christmas decor is packed away. We work so hard planning, shopping and baking and PUFF it is gone! Here is a few moments from our family this Thanksgiving through the Christmas Season...

_DSC9111 w

Beautiful Allie and Addy

_DSC9105 w

my dad doing his "thang"

_DSC8961 w

A-man decided to pull the old rubber-band on the spray attachment (from the kitchen sink) on his auntie...


Have you ever seen such a sweet face!!!!


my princess


off to my sister's house for some Sunday fun. I am so lucky to have her down the street!


Mae doing her "thang"

Wrestling Season has started. This is the first year that we have done wrestling and boy is it a HUGE time commitment, but fun and YUCKY!

_DSC0305 w

A-man in the headlock or whatever it is called

_DSC0337 w

Rog rolling him for the pin. They say it is because of the singlet. They call it "Singlet Swag! The princess calls it there "costume" lol

_DSC0355 w

Rog for the WIN!!!

_DSC0210 copy

BFF time

Part 2 up next!

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