Saturday, September 10, 2011

4/30 Something Green...

_DSC0041 w

Something Green!

Today I spent most of my day (9 am to 2:30pm) smack in the middle of a field with tons of people, traffic, 90 degree weather, blazing sun and did I mention in the MIDDLE of a field at the "jamboree". My last Jamboree... Yahoooooo!!!!!!! lol Really it wasn't as bad as I remembered it to be. (kinda) I did enjoy watching my A-man play some football. The grass could have not been any "greener" in this mama's book watching him play :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

3/30 Clouds...

Found this great way to share and keep your mobile pics organized. There is a blog I follow and love called Enjoying The Small things . I am loving this idea!!! Every Friday you do a "mobile dump" of all your phone pics. It keeps them saved and nice in one place and tells the story of your week. What is really neat is I uploaded them all to my flickr account the second I take them on my smart phone because I have it linked to it. Then a the end of the week I use Big Huge Labs mosaic maker and make the collage... Bam! So Cool!!! And if you have a smart phone you can find all kinds of camera apps to get cool effects.

My Mobile Dump!


Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wore today...

day 2 pc

My found love! I am savoring every bit of this as I know as is summer is fading, B&B will be discontinuing this to :( I also included my "mother" necklace that you never see me without. It reminds me of how blessed I am that God entrusted me with such a wonderful gift.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

Starting today I am doing a 30 day photo challenge. (since I totally let my 365 go down the drain) This was a bit more manageable (i think). Day one was a tough one, self portrait. YIKES! If there is any perks to being a photographer is the ability to have a camera to hide behind in every photo. lol Though I did hear once from another photog mom that it is important to get in front of the camera no matter how much you hate it. You have got to leave something for your kiddos and family to remember you by. No matter what we "think" we should look like our family and friends will always love you for who you are. Thank Goodness! So here is my day 1, self portrait.

1-30 sp

Now I could not have been any more real here. NO Make up (you may see my permanent make-up I had done years ago but nothing more), NO photoshop, eyes blood shot from late nights and early mornings trying to get back into the swing of the school thing and last but not least my "silver colored highlights" peaking there way through. Gosh I need a day at the Shop!
What can I say "it's Me!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

Wow! I hit the floor running this morning. The big boys had to be out of the house and to school at 6:40 am. Then A-man was on middle school time and he needed to be out at 7:40 am. Then the princess had to be at her stop by 7:55 am. Here is a few pics from the day...

_DSC3679 w

Eating her breakfast this morning... no fruffy PJs for her. She loves to sleep in her brothers t's

_DSC3684 w

A-man and the princess

_DSC3691 w

Goof balls!

_DSC3696 w

The BFF's before getting on the bus. I am so thankful we live to so close.

_DSC3701 w

Mae the "pro" taking care of her BFF the "rookie"

_DSC3713 w

from that grin and the tales I heard she will do just fine at this K thing :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello September!

I know I have neglected my blog all spring and summer! Oh how I have missed it so much!!!! Tomorrow the kiddos will return to school and I will have some much needed quiet once again but with a price :( My little princess will be heading off to school. She is so very excited which makes it so easy for me to be excited for her. I have one moving up to high school this year too! Boy where does the time go! Here are some random pictures of our adventures this summer...

_DSC2183 w


_DSC3617 w

_DSC0262 w

_DSC2954 w

_DSC2829 w

_DSC0291 w

_DSC0281 w

It has been a fast and furious summer...
Goodbye summer :)