Thursday, June 23, 2011

It is Summer!

School is out and everyone is excited!
I am glad I no longer have to pack 5 lunches everyday :) but that means that I have 4 hungry mouths that think my pantry and fridge has a revolving door...

_DSC2856 w

There goes my grocery Budget! yikes

It also means I will have a house full of boys

_DSC2857 w

_DSC2861 w


_DSC2860 w

and Rico to name a few

but it also means we have more time to do things like this

_DSC2899 w

_DSC2901 w

_DSC2907 w

Oh I never want to forget these little feet and hands

_DSC2915 w

_DSC2916 w

We are hoping to have a not so bummer summer this year. We want to spend less time on the computers, tv and video games because life is just moving to fast. My little princess is heading to big school next year and I don't want to miss another day.

_DSC2277 w

_DSC2274 w

Happy Summer!

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Karin said...

Happy Summer!! I have the same goals for our summer vacation. :)