Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter Part 3

Our newest addition!

_DSC0489 w

meet Bunny Foo Foo!

_DSC0501 w

and Mae has her sister Lily

_DSC0504 w

it is really a funny story how we ended up with her... My sister Coo Coo decided that the Easter Bunny was going to bring Mae bunnies for Easter. Not 1 but 2. So after a week of cleaning up after 2 bunnies (we all know that bunnies eat, poop, hop and poop some more) she decided the princess needed a bunny too.

_DSC0507 w

so now she is ours! We love our Bunny Foo Foo!

1 comment:

Our Journey said...

Oh my CUTE!!!!! My cousin tried to get us to adopt one of her baby bunnies for Anne Marie for Easter -- but Mike would have none-of-it! I bet Arden just loves her!!