This afternoon I was thrilled to photograph my first Senior of 2011! We had a beautiful location and the weather could not have been better. (thanks to positive thinking and a prayer for no rain) We had to conquer big hills, lots of steps, easter cards and even a creeper... lol So here is a quick preview from today.

_DSC9576 w

_DSC9780 w

_DSC9463 copy bw w

_DSC9723 w

Thank you L and Mom for a fun session (and for the Dr. P). Can't wait for you to see the rest. L you absolutely Rocked the camera!
What is sweeter than a Newborn Baby? Twin Newborns!

_DSC8885 copy 2 bw w

_DSC8833 copy w

Welcome Baby H

_DSC8722 w

& Baby E

Thank you for sharing your little girls with me today. Couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another fun day!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our newest member of the C family!

For awhile anyways!
Last night we headed to the airport to pick up our greatly anticipated English exchange student. If you can remember we did this 2 years back with my older son Ben. Well it was Roger's turn this year. His student flew in last night and will be part of our craziness for little over a week. Well here is how the scene from his arrival went down...

_DSC8358 f

We waited patiently for his flight to come in. The princess lead the boys (and a few other participants) in an intense game of Simon Says. She totally has them wrapped!

_DSC8368 w

Then we got word that their plane touched down and the group lined up waiting to see them come through the gate.

_DSC8376 w

This was the scene when they came around the corner... YIKES!!! Some in our group brought noise makers and silver confetti ( I am sure the airport loves us for that lol)

_DSC8383 w

then they finally made it to the group after first running away when they saw and HEARD the noise. It was so funny!

_DSC8384 w

and here was our R

_DSC8388 w

a very tired R after a 22 hour travel time...

_DSC8391 w

New friends :)

_DSC8393 w

bonding from the start

_DSC8400 w

my crew for the next week :)
We are so excited to share our home with R. We KNOW we got the best student in the bunch!!!