Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogcation! Catching up.

Had a little break from my blog for a few days.




81 Looks like Spring, Calendar says it is Spring, But it does NOT feel like Spring... Brrr....

_DSC7974 w

82 Love this moment I caught, makes me smile :)

_DSC8122 w

83 The Big Bear Parade at Preschool. My little cub was the caboose for the wagon. YIKES! She was to busy checking out what was going on and kept crashing into everything and everybody.

_DSC8149 w

84 Dressed herself today. Not the best fashion DIVA but certainly the cutest!

_DSC8160 w

85 Spring Cookies from Sugarfix Bakery YUM!


86 A-man is working on his Science Fair Project. He told me he loves it! It makes him feel important doing research and collecting data. He is my little science nerd, I love that :)


87 Rog on the other hand, puts his science fair project off because he is to busy doing things like this! He is my creative nerd, I love that too :)

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Kristi said...

Wonderful collection of pictures ~ all of them ~ but I LOVED the one of the princess and Daddio!