88 Soccer!! Check out that poor kids face who is feeling the wrath of my Ben's chest! yikes!


89 Exploring!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogcation! Catching up.

Had a little break from my blog for a few days.




81 Looks like Spring, Calendar says it is Spring, But it does NOT feel like Spring... Brrr....

_DSC7974 w

82 Love this moment I caught, makes me smile :)

_DSC8122 w

83 The Big Bear Parade at Preschool. My little cub was the caboose for the wagon. YIKES! She was to busy checking out what was going on and kept crashing into everything and everybody.

_DSC8149 w

84 Dressed herself today. Not the best fashion DIVA but certainly the cutest!

_DSC8160 w

85 Spring Cookies from Sugarfix Bakery YUM!


86 A-man is working on his Science Fair Project. He told me he loves it! It makes him feel important doing research and collecting data. He is my little science nerd, I love that :)


87 Rog on the other hand, puts his science fair project off because he is to busy doing things like this! He is my creative nerd, I love that too :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


79/365 2011

This is ONE of the four smiles that puts a skip in my step! One of the best things I have ever done...Being a Mom!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


78/365  Symbol of Luck

A symbol of Luck!

my favorite material thing

One of my favorite material things is the sweater my daughter wore the day she was placed into our arms. We adopted from China a little over 4 years ago. Even though it is worn and faded it is a garment of a memory the first time she became ours.... Forever!

These were both pictures from a week long workshop The Joy of Luck by Willette

Saturday, March 19, 2011



Out at the park today enjoying the beautiful weather.

Friday, March 18, 2011



My Green!

Day 2 of The Joy of Luck!
My Green! Spring is coming bringing a bounty of newness! Trees and flowers are bursting everywhere you look. I think Spring is so symbolic of a fresh new start. Winter is beautiful but it is cold and grey. God perfectly planned Spring to appear after a season of Winter! He is so Good like that :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


the "luck" of Health

76/365   The "Luck" of Health

Let me explain... I am participating in The Joy of Luck by Willette. Today the lesson was about

What would someone who is not as fortunate as you are say about your “luck” to have such a thing in your life?

Not people but something we often take for granted. Mine is Health
When my kids are sick, I take them to the doctor and they get meds to help them.
When we are hungry, we go to our pantry of plenty and eat.
Some don't have this luxury that we often talk for granted.

I today am thankful for Health!

If you would like to participate in this week long class just go HERE! and the best part it is FREE!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


75/365 2011

No Words...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Music Makes Me Happy!
Lens Flare

This week over at i heart faces the theme is Lens Flare! Oh how dreamy!!!!! One of my favorite things to do to any photo. My all time favorite would this pictures of my daughter. I love how the flare just adds mood and romance to your images. This pictures just takes me to a different place and time. Don't forget to add your own or go and check out the rest of the yummy light at i heart faces. Just go HERE!

Monday, March 14, 2011

71, 72, 73/365


71 Mae waiting on the Princess to gather her things for girls night at Maw Maws


72 Happy 3rd Birthday Cabell Anne


73 My Girl

Thursday, March 10, 2011

68, 69/365


68 The sky fell out on our way home from One of the BEST NIGHTS EVER!!!!!!
(see below)


69 Had the best night EVER at the Power of Passion Tour in Raleigh, NC. Sandy Puc' and Jerry Ghionis. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! If you can get to one GO GO GO .... Unbelievable!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



The two little cuties were found in my back yard today. They were partners in crime as they escaped and had a day full of adventure. (so I smelled) Luckily the owners had their numbers and arrived quickly to rescue them :)

Monday, March 7, 2011



Two of my favorite things! My princess and Diet Dr P

Celebrating my nephews Birthday!! I forgot my camera but used my Droid for this one. Love the big blazing ball of fire? ha ha... 19 candles will do that I guess.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

63, 64/365


63 horses, kittens, dolls and friends :)


64 Daddio is gearing up for his garden... Things are starting to sprout around here.
Allyson Causey Photography is now Looking of Rising 2012 Seniors to be a part of our Senior Rep Model Program.

You want the 411? Well here it is!

Senior Rep Models, why?

1) Because you will have Rocking Senior Pictures that are different from everyone else. Allyson Causey Photography wants your pictures to scream YOU! You are unique and different so why settle for pictures that look like everybody else?

We do High Fashion!!! (my personal fav)

_DSC4967 copy w

_DSC3736 w

2010 01 07_8413_edited-3 w

Maybe show off your skills?

_DSC0224_edited-1 copy w

stry 1 w

_DSC5166 w

2009 08 10_brandon pt 2_8023_edited-1 w

2) Because you will Save $$$ participating in our Senior Rep Program. Your whole Session fee will be waved. That is a $175 savings!! You can also earn $$$ toward prints for each referral you send.

Bring friends, family along to get pictures that show how you hang!

_DSC9090 copy w

_DSC8378 w

2009 08 10_brandon pt 2_8095_edited-1 w

3) You also get 2 sessions instead of one!!! Thats right, 2! You could do one in the Spring while all is new and wait until fall when the leaves are at their prime.

2009 11 20_k haley_5567 copy w

_DSC7674 copy w

_DSC9079 copy w

More Seniors Rocking their "style"

_DSC7368 w

_DSC5103 copy w

2009 09 04_copy 8 w

_DSC8742 copy w

Here what our Seniors have said about Allyson Causey Photography:

"i LOVE this one! i can't wait to see the rest! you're amazing allyson! Love you!" KP


"i love them!! you did such an awesome job! its gunna be hard to pick(:" KB

Now you are in "the know" Go to Allyson Causey Photography and Contact us and let us know you want to be a Senior Rep for the Class of 2012!!
Space is limited per school so let us know before March 18, 2011.


61 Today her class celebrated Dr. Seuss Birthday. She dressed up like Cindy Lou Hoo


62 Ben's first Soccer Game of the year & they won 2 to zip!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011