Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day!!!

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Four Years ago today The Causey's received the BIGGEST TREASURE God had in store for us. Our precious Arden was placed in our arms and we became a "Forever Family"! So thankful we stepped out in faith and did not miss this. Her bouncing non-sitting still personality has brought us so much joy, her belly laughs that make me cry, her sassy attitude to "her" boys and her tender heart that cries when a sad movie comes on. Oh words cannot express our love for this little princess.

Happy Gotcha Day!! to my Arden and all the other little China Sister we spent this special day with.


Cindy M said...

Truly, words cannot express. Beautiful picture of your beautiful girl!!! LOVE IT! Enjoy your day! I'm guessing our snow is heading your way!

Much love...

The Martens!

Kristi said...

Stunning picture of a beautiful girl! Happy forever family day!