Monday, December 6, 2010

Over the River and Through The Woods... part 1

To MawMaw and PawPaw's house we go. This Saturday Daddio had to work so the crew and I headed to my parents house to help out with yard work and getting Christmas decor up.
The boys and PawPaw were in charge of the yard

_DSC3520 w

they worked really hard

_DSC3518 w

Rog was the "team lead"

_DSC3529 w

and he took the rule of "No Horseplay" very serious!

_DSC3534 w

A-man was captain of the riding lawn mower and worked hard! so hard he didn't see the tarp he ran over and chewed to pieces. (you like that grin?)

_DSC3538 w

Elvis sat back and watched the "hard working" crew

_DSC3642 w

Rog was teaching the crew his raking skills

_DSC3640 w

he THINKS he is a Ninja!

_DSC3639 w

No really He does!

_DSC3644 w

Ben caught on quickly

_DSC3646 w

Lets just say the "self confidence" was not lacking here in this Raking Team

_DSC3649 w

and then there was PawPaw! he thinks they are Nuts but doesn't say a word cause he is getting his massive amount of leaves up by " 3 Ninjas!"

_DSC3653 w

he just smiles :)

_DSC3656 w

and then feeds them! That makes these Ninjas so happy!

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