Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas photo session with the Crew!

_DSC4082 copy

a little of this

_DSC4079 copy

and this

_DSC4086 copy w

and always a bit of this...

_DSC4103 copy crop w

then we got to this :) Makes a Mamma's heart sing... AWHHHHHHHH

_DSC4142 copy w

and we didn't want to leave Mae Out

Let it snow

And this was our Cards This year. Front

Let it snow back


Merry Christmas to all my Blogger Buddies. Hope you all treasure every memory this Christmas Season and Remember the reason we Celebrate. When I think of Christmas I reflect back to a Christmas Card I have tucked in my Bible. It has a picture of Mary holding Jesus and says "In her arms she held the Hope of the World". I cannot even imagine what must have been going through her Momma Heart as she looked down at her newborn son knowing the road ahead. But I am forever grateful for the Gift that was Given to us all that night. The Gift of HOPE!

Merry Christmas.


Karin said...

Beautiful photos and card! :) It finally snowed here and I'm itching to get the kids outside for a few photos. :) Not the playing in their coats photos--the cute sweater type of photos. Not sure they will be willing to freeze. :)

Patricia said...

These are wonderful!!! wow.