Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last week our children's ministry at our church had a night for the kids to come and build Gingerbread Mansions.

_DSC3751 w

Mae came along to join in on the fun!

_DSC3759 w

A-man and his friend were the "hired help"


Of course a night with Mae could not go by without a bit of "Drama". She was mad because she wanted to be 3 years old again. She said "Arden and I loved each other so much more when we were 3". She is so random sometimes.

_DSC3756 w

but within a few minutes things were back to BFFs


Mae's had a plan and worked perfectly


Arden's on the other hand, had as much of her favorite candy on it so she could plow in and eat it.

And it barely made it home!


Our Journey said...

OK -- Mae is tooooooo funny! It's so funny to hear the thoughts that go through these kids head...you just never know what you're going to hear. Those gingerbread houses are just lovely!

Kristi said...

In my house I (currently) have three gingerbread decorators. One Mae and two Ardens. Next year we are going to have TWO houses...