Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Horse Show

This weekend we got to go to my niece's horse show. It was Amazing! She did so good in one class she got 6th out of 30. Go HOPE! The competition was steep, there were adults in her class. She look so beautiful up on her horse. Here are a few from the day.

_DSC1211 w


_DSC1155 w

_DSC1229 w

around this turn she had to hold him back, he was ready to let loose, I just love the grin on her face.

_DSC1121 w

_DSC1117 w

_DSC1150 w

One of her adoring fans! aka "the princess"

_DSC1142 w

and congratulating her with a hug.

_DSC1126 w

Then we headed home and starting out next party... to be continued :)

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