Monday, November 29, 2010


After Thanksgiving we always schedule time in to put up our Christmas Tree. This year was no different. Normally, I am an OCD wreak during the decorating but this year I sat back with my camera and hot tea and let them have full control. Who really cares that there are two red balls next to each other or there are more ornaments that are clustered together? Well truthfully that would be me but this year I let go and let them decorate with no rules!


boy oh boy! She was all about decorating.

_DSC2718 w


I love it when the kids go down memory lane with each ornament they pull out of the box.

_DSC2733 w

_DSC2760 w

_DSC2763 w

This is "my Rog"

_DSC2772 w

A little help from big brother...

_DSC2796 w

and Daisy decided to stay in the comfort of the couch and few blankets :)


Kristi said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what my tree looks like ~ though I do take the liberty to redistribute a few of the clustered ornaments from the lower branches lest the top of my tree be bare. :)
And I just love that shot of 'your Rog'. It made me laugh out loud.

Our Journey said...

I love it! That's our tree too. There are 4 or so Hello Kitty ornaments sitting on one branch at the bottom I think! Hey - and Anne Marie has that little "china-girl" ornament too. Love the pictures -- your boys are just GREAT!