Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Parade!

I have a bit of catching up to do. A few weeks ago the princess had her "fall" parade at her preschool. She was a beautiful fairy! She even got a bonus visitor, Rog aka Cool. He played hooky from school because it was his Birthday and felt that was enough reason. First we started the morning off with a photo shoot in her fairy attire.

_DSC1002 w

_DSC1014 w

_DSC1023 w

Then off to the Parade!

_DSC1069 w

_DSC1071 w

this was brought on by big brother...

_DSC1058 w

This is my mom who is a teacher at her school. She was a picnic :)

_DSC1039 w

Rog with his new friends!

_DSC1086 w

Then back to the class for pictures, Yes mine is the fairy with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. "very lady like"

_DSC1099 w

Then finished the day with a party.


Denise said...

Even with her tongue sticking out she is a beautiful fairy. I love that Rog got to play hooky for his birthday. We used to allow the three older kids one mental health day a quarter when they were in school. No questions asked, you need a day off, go ahead and take it. Love the pictures.

Kristi said...

Oh so sweet that Rog decided to spend his hooky day loving on his little sister!
And you did have one beautiful little fairy!

Our Journey said...

What a sweet little fairy! I"m so glad to see you posting again!! What is so funny is that I have pictures of Anne Marie w/ her tongue sticking out at her Christmas program last year. Must be the "age" thing. (or a girl thing??)