Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sista-hood!!! Hola!

We did it! My sister's and I have been talking about it for a long time. We wanted to get a tattoo that would mean something to us and all have it. After a long year of discussion we finally took the plunge and did it! We knew what we wanted in our mind and the artist took that and came up with something we all loved! We decided to break it up into to days, Angel and I went first (lucky us right)and Melinda and Janet went the following day. So here is our 2 days of sista-hood bonding...

We arrive at the tattoo shop only and it started out kinda bad!

_DSC6595 w

We had left several messages with a small change to the design and the schedule. But the guy who was doing our tattoos never got the messages. The good thing is the person who did not give him the message DID change it in the books which gave proof we DID call.

_DSC6596 w

then onething after another and we were not "feeling" a good feeling. So we decided to tell them we wanted to just c/a our appointment and go somewhere else. Well one thing lead to another and some tension started to fly (uhummm from the feisty sister in this picture not mentioning any names uhumm Janet, opps did I say that!)

_DSC6598 w

Angel on the other hand HATES and avoids confrontation at all cost. Sorry for the blur picture, maybe since I was shaking in my shoes because I was scheduled to go first under the needle... yikes!

_DSC6605 w

but then we resolved the differences and they made it right and Angel was in her "happy place" again. Wooo! Check out the decor in this place! It was so cool

_DSC6651 w

they had 3 of these hanging down the middle. It was really pretty in a "gothy" kind of way.

_DSC6616 w

Then the time had come and there was no turning back. For me at least since I was up first.

_DSC6613 w

Then it was Angel (aka Coo Coo) turn and she was totally feeling the tattoo. This is the last of the pictures from that day. After my time in the chair there wasn't time for pictures snapping...

Then we came back for day 2

_DSC6648 w

We kind of made a name for ourselves after the discrepancies from the first day. We all had a great laugh from it.

_DSC6652 w

and then it was back to chair for Melinda

_DSC6655 w

and how did Melinda do?

_DSC6657 w

just fine and she even talked on the phone 95% of the time. That's how she rolls! She is such a multi-tasker!

_DSC6661 w

Then it was the feisty one's turn... She decided to wear her Hannah Montana shirt to get her tattoo in. lol lol lol What a Rocker she is!!

_DSC6672 w

and D our tattoo artist couldn't wait to start on her since she was the one who got a little snappy at him the first day. YIKES!!

_DSC6666 w

and she was SCARED!!

_DSC6678 w

What a bond we made with this crew! After spending 2 days with them and letting him torture us for hours we were tight!! Janet with the Tattoo Artist.

_DSC6679 w

we will laugh about this for years to come. Janet with the Manger


Last but not least the finished results! LOVE IT!!! The 4 flowers represent each of us (the sistas) and the flower is a daisy because it is my mom's favorite flower!
I am so stinking Blessed to have such wonderful sisters/bff's in my life!

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