Friday, September 10, 2010

School Is In Session...

I feel like I should give you all an excuse for falling off the face of blogger world for 2 weeks but I will spare you the drama of how busy "life" can be. I am sure you all are with me and know exactly what I am saying.

This week my kiddos started back to school!

_DSC4549 w

Lunches Packed

_DSC4546 w

Backpack Packed

_DSC4550 w

The famous Picture before they are off


they get so excited about this...

_DSC4555 w

and then we headed to Coo Coo (my sister who lives just down the street) to pull up on this scene.

_DSC4558 w

Mae Started Kindergarten this year

_DSC4556 w

and she was dressed to impress on her first day

_DSC4559 w

she even wore her twinkle toes

_DSC4563 w

there was MUCH going on... Muscle flexing

_DSC4564 w

showing off their new clothes, book bags and lunch boxes

_DSC4566 w

schedule talk

_DSC4567 w

but the most interesting was THIS!!! My sis and her husband having a "issue" on where the Kindergarten Necklace was. Mae was suppose to wear the first week to help with getting her where she needed to be. They looked High and Low. Finally after some kind words and looks to one another they decided it would be best to just write it on a piece of paper and leave it at that.

_DSC4570 w

then the big kids were off. Check out that Crew and they are all cousins :)

_DSC4573 w

then we made our way down to the big kids bus stop to see them off and pull up on this! Mason had forgotten his schedule and missed the bus. Then Dad had to step into another "issue" and take him to school while we made our way to the girls bus stop.

_DSC4575 w

Jen and Mae are getting pumped up for their first day!

_DSC4579 w

while Arden was checking out all the new shoes. She is totally a "shoe girl"

_DSC4581 w

a few more pictures before the bus appeared

_DSC4583 w

Mae having a panic about having to deal with a note instead of her necklace. Oh did you notice her highlights. Oh yes, I did say high lights! I guess one of the perks to having a mama as a hair dresser. Little Diva.

_DSC4588 w

and then the Big Cheese should up!

_DSC4590 w

Mae with her "Note"

_DSC4592 w

giving one last look before she was off. sniff sniff

_DSC4594 w

then up comes the nerd who forgot is schedule the first day of school

_DSC4597 w

but you can see he remembered the important things like his new hat!

After a CRAZY busy morning we needed some relief. So we went shopping and had lunch! Awhhhh... Retail therapy!!

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Cindy M said...

Sooooooooo sounds like our lives! Those first days of school are always emotionally and physically draining for me!

I did love the photo of the emptied trunk?? I'm assuming they went through it looking for that necklace! That would have stressed me out, too!! I think I lost Mickey's ID they had given him for the first day of kindergarten, too! UGH.

Oh, and Abby got to band camp this summer and realized she left her rifle on the table. And she's a CAPTAIN. :-)

Sweet photos, as always!