Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Fact Friday!

Back for my Five Fact Friday!

1. I have been SUPER BUSY with senior pictures and still have them coming! Here are a few of my favorite from some recent shoots

_DSC4188 copy w

Beautiful "A"

_DSC3948_pp copy w

Pretty "G" with her Pup!

_DSC4894 w

And "C" she is just stunning! and oh so much fun.

_DSC5216 w

and this young man "N" he is been called to the ministry, totally has it together. Make any Mama proud!

_DSC5645 w

and "K" who is not only beautiful but hilarious...

_DSC5643 c w

See what I mean. I sure love my senior sessions!!!

2. I also had a bridal session this week and cannot wait to share the photos from it. I will also be doing the wedding later in October. Can't wait!

3. Going to get my tattoo this Monday (if I don't chicken out) Me and my other 3 sister are getting a sister tattoo and will be paying someone to torture us together. It is really pretty. I will take a picture and post when (if I don't chicken out)I get it.

4. No I am NOT going through Mid-life. lol

5. I love my not so "perfect" life and wouldn't change a thing!!
"The Good Stuff!"

Have a great weekend!

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Karin said...

Such great shots! :) Good luck with the tattoo!