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What to Wear?? Allyson Causey Photography Richmond Virginia Family Photographer

Has your "Family Photo" on the wall began to look like someone other than your family? Well then it is definitely time to schedule a photo session. Now that you are ready you are probably thinking, "what in the world do we wear?" "what location do we choose?" Well today's post is here to help give you some ideas that will make your photos look their BEST!

*First Remember to Relax! No one wants pictures of your family or kids looking uptight and scared. That is why I always visit with my clients (especially children) to introduce myself and get to know them before I start sticking a camera in their face. This helps them relax and have fun. We laugh and chat through out the session. I want my clients to {be} who they are and show it in their pictures.

_DSC0599 w

web 1

web 7

Relaxed and no fake smiles!

*Second, plan a shopping trip online or in person to pick out your outfits. LAYER!! Layering works like a charm to get a few looks out of one outfit. Sweaters, tanks, button ups, jean skirts, leggings, scarfs and hats are all ways to incorporate the layered look. A great place to get some inspiration is Gap, Gap kids, J Crew, Children's Place, 77 kids, American Eagle and other places that offer new seasonal looks. They are full of colors and patterns. Don't be afraid of patterns and have fun using colors and prints that look best with their skin tone. Also use clothing to help tell a story. Hats and scarfs for winter, orange and brown sweaters for fall, bright colors for spring and whites and tanks for summer.

Here are a few examples:

_DSC3214 w

This is my Princess in a recent "studio session" I did just for this post. Lots of layers, color and patterns. They all work and are so much fun! Allyson Causey Photography also brings along plenty of props and accessories to add to your session.
Tutus, petti skirts, headbands, flowers, hats, vintage finds and so much more!

_DSC3255 w

Just a little change for a different look! Proof not to be afraid of color and patterns. Just have fun!

web 3

here is one of my Seniors looking like she stepped right out of a magazine! So relaxed and styled to fit her personality! Perfect:)

_DSC8966 2 w

Here is a family session that totally rocked the "matching" look! It went perfect with the setting of the location and the look they were going for. Definitely a piece of art for their new home.

Lastly Location! Location is certainly important but it is not crucial to make or break your photographs. When you trust your photographer you allow them to be creative and work their style that you hired them for. My style is clean, soft, crisp, romantic images that touch emotions. I use natural light and strobes to produce that style and I can do that with any location. Here is a HUGE example of what I mean; below is a few pictures that were taken in a old overgrown field behind a very busy shopping mall, right in the middle of town! Not the "typical" location a client would pick for a photo session. But the proof is in the image!

blog header 4

One of my most favorite pictures to date! This was my niece and we were headed out to go grab some dinner. I spotted this field and asked her to wrap a scarf around her head and let me take some pictures. She totally looked at me like I was nuts! She had no make up on and an old sweatshirt. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it and more....and another

2010 01 07_8430_edited-2 w

The light was stunning!

_DSC7881 copy bw web

another from a senior session. Just Beautiful!

web 15

and this one was done in a backyard in the midst of winter with no green grass, just dead leaves and barren trees.

Just remember you are the star in your photos. So choose a photographer to capture the style you want and trust them to use their expertise to create the magic!

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ASIA said...

Love this post - how did you know our own family portrait session is comming up, and I have no clue what to have us wear! Last year I bought a ton of brand new stuff, and guess what? Addi ended up ina boy's sweater jumper. Gracyn wore a hand-me-down furry vest, and Peyton wore his Christmas Sweater. It worked out just fine. This year should be easier since the girls are getting bigger and can wear clothes that match or coordinate nicely. If you have any tips on how to keep them "natural" - please do share!!! You're so talented.