Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Personal Chef!

It is no secret if you know Daddio, he is a "foodie". Not only does he enjoy cooking he also enjoys growing it. This year we had a garden for the first time. Well he has nurtured that garden like it was one of his children. He is already started planning for "next year" and what changes he will make.

_DSC1392 s

He has tomatoes

_DSC1368 w

and they are going strong! New buds are popping up everyday...

_DSC1385 w

peppers! my personal favorite

_DSC1373 w

Banna peppers, Daddio's Favorite, he likes to pickle these stuffed with sauerkraut. (not a fan)

_DSC1370 w

and Lettuce! YUM

And his favorite thing to make is

_DSC3293 w

from scratch

_DSC3294 w

with the help of his sou chef!

_DSC1508 w

can you guess?

_DSC3301 w

Pizza! Pizza!

_DSC3302 w

with homemade pizza sauce (made from yellow tomatoes,hence the yellow marinara)

_DSC3304 w

Here is a Meat lovers!

_DSC1523 w

which was a hit with the "guys"

_DSC1524 w

my second favorite Barbecue Chicken Pizza

But the yummiest of the all

_DSC1505 w

_DSC1503 w

_DSC3298 w

was the tomato, basil (both from the garden) and fresh mozzarella. Oh how I love thee!
Definitely, a guilty pleasure that I have warned Daddio only to make once every 2 months! And since this was made a week or so ago we only have 6 1/2 more weeks to go! I love my Chef <3


Our Journey said...

Oh my FAVORITE pizza too!! That looks yummy!! -- Seriously...when are we coming over for dinner? Haaa!!!!

Karin said...

I'm drooling... I hate to cook, wish I had someone in my family who loved it. :)