Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Gremlin Strikes Again!

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Oh yeah! The Gremlin decided that he wanted to be a hairdresser! So what does a Gremlin do?

Grabs a pair of scissors and sister (Cabell) and goes to town!


and look Cabell is darn proud of the haircut she received! Notice the bangs cut up to the top of her scalp. Nice job Gremlin, nice job!

and what is a Mom to do...


take her to Divas and Dudes! Where sister and the best hair dresser ever could fix her right up. She performed a Miracle! She rocks like that.


and now she is still purty as a picture:)


JHanna Photography said...

She looks sooo cute with that bow in her hair and that pretty headband too!

Karin said...

Oh wow....the bangs...ack! She looks adorable, though, after your sister patched her up. :)