Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Fact Friday!

1. A-man has oral surgery this morning. He had an extra tooth (which is why he is extra sweet).

2. Did I ever tell you I have permanent make-up? I do! I have Jade blue eyeliner. Even though it was very painful it was well worth it.

3. I am on the 2 season of Lost and I just can't get enough! I am so glad I did not watch it when it was on TV. I would have had a really hard time waiting a whole week to find out what happened next. Oh and Lock is my favorite :)

4. Daddio had a wonderful time at family reunion last weekend. He can't wait to try out his new recipe "chicken bog". He said it is chicken and rice on steroids!

5. "Chocolate Fixes Everything!" This is our family saying that has remained tried and true over the years! I know, a bit random but I thought I would share this in case you didn't already know.

Have a great Weekend and Hold on to the last bit of Summer that is left!

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Kristi said...

I'm with you on Lost! We started watching it, then traveling to China for Kylie got us off rhythm. Now that it is over and I can watch it all from start to end I may pick it back up.
And even though I don't have any heading off to school ~ this year ~ I'm holding on to every last ounce of summer!