Thursday, August 12, 2010

Five Fact Friday!

1. I have woken to this almost every day this summer!


Not mine

2010-08-01 11.03.48


2010-08-05 08.23.52

Not mine.

Always having more than my "3" boys laying all over my living room floor. All pictures were taken with my cellphone because I had to document the way these cats can sleep! Boys!

2. The princess got new Shoes!

2010-08-04 15.56.56

Twinkle Toes!

So guess who got a pair too!


Mae, her BFF of course!

3. Daddio is leaving for family reunion out of state alone :( We are staying behind and having a slumber party with my sister Janet (from utah) and watching all the LOST episodes. Hola! But we will miss him.

4. I think I am about ready for school to start again.

5. Football has started and we will eat, sleep and drink football!!!! for the next 2 months.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cindy M said...

Um, SERIOUSLY. I gotta have some of those shoes. Not for me. Really. Pretty please, share where you got them?? :-)

Ally said...

Ha Ha Cindy! I would totally wear them if I could get by with it. They even light up. They are so cute:) I got them at Famous Footwear. They also carry them at Kohls. Hope ya find some. Your little princess would adore them.