Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diva Camp!! 2010

My sister Coo Coo owns a children's Hair Salon that is just amazing! Not only is it the BEST place to get a hair cut but she has a super fun Summer Camp for girls called "Diva Camp". Well this year she invited the princess to join along in the fun. Let's just say what little girl would not love 3 full days for fun, singing on a stage, pampering and making shinny/glittery things.

_DSC3468 w

She was so excited the last day was "beauty day" nails done check, toes done check, hair done check

_DSC3486 w

make-up done check!!

_DSC3471 w

this place was crawling with Diva's in training

_DSC3488 w

but she was definitely at the top of her class!

_DSC3490 w

and of course her BFF Mae was there.

_DSC3513 w

and lets not forget her cousin from Utah, she was so very excited!!!

_DSC3519 copy w

and the head of Diva's My sis Coo Coo:) She is the Best!

Well on the last day of camp they performed a dance they had learned through out the week. Just Check out why my little Princess was at the top of her class. Girl got some moves...

Thank you Coo Coo. I know the princess will never forget her week at Diva Camp. She will also never forget all the important things about being a Diva like "a diva NEVER makes funny faces"....

_DSC3521 w


Kristi said...

That looks like it was A LOT of fun. I want to go to Diva camp!

Our Journey said...

Your sister is just AWESOME!!! I bet the girls had a BLAST!!!