Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday One, Maw Maw

We had not one but 2 Birthday's last week. First was the Grand Poobah aka: my mom or Maw Maw to the kiddos. She turned 30! Okay not really but it sounds nice anyway. Everyone came over and Daddio whipped up the best dinner ever! We had crazy but wonderful day!

_DSC3430 copy w

She doesn't look a day over 35. Beautiful! (and Addy too)

_DSC3431 w

Coo Coo picked out the cake. I think she found the brightest most stainiest (okay not a word but you get the drift) icing color since it was not at her house. And check out that writing!!! LOL the lady who wrote on the cake had never done it before. Really? Oh sure you have, FAIL!

_DSC3436 w

Getting ready for Cake time!

_DSC3440 w

the Princess just loves this part :)

_DSC3448 w

and sweet Cabell loves the icing! The very stainful icing!!!!

_DSC3444 w

Still trying to scrub it out of my kitchen chair seats! Thanks Coo Coo...

We had a wonderful Evening Celebrating! Happy Birthday Mom!

Things that Make her "MOM"

1. she is the best Grandma EVER!!!
2. She "said" she had all of us girls potty trained at 2
3. she is beautiful inside and out
4. She is REALLY BOSSY!!!
5. She is a tad bit opinionated (alright A lot)
6. She can cook a mean fried chicken dinner
7. She is so very giving
8. She is the best Mama EVER!!!
9. She is a little Bossy, opps did I already say that
10. She is a little on the thrifty side.

WE Love you Mom!! I wouldn't Change a thing:)

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