Monday, August 30, 2010

Richmond Virginia Senior Photographer

This afternoon I finished up one of my 2011 Senior Reps Photos. A and her mom are on my list of favorite clients. I wish she could come back every year and be one of my Senior Reps. Here are 2 from the session today.

_DSC4070 w

Naturally Beautiful

_DSC4171 w

my favorite from her session today. She is totally rocking those boots!!!

Thank you A and Mom. I will let you know when the gallery is back up.
Today I met with G, her mom and her adorable dog for a Senior Shoot. Here is a little preview from the session.

_DSC3905_pp copy w

She reminded me of the true "American Girl" and I just love this one in B&W

_DSC3948_pp w


Thank you for picking me to photograph your Senior Portraits. It was great meeting you both and hope that you recovered from the "little talker" today. ha ha I will let you know when your gallery is up and ready.
_DSC3627_pp w

Today is my nieces birthday. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but she is just as radiant on the inside. And to make things even better she is named after her most favorite Auntie in the world :) (me of course)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beach Fun, i heart faces!

_DSC2300 fb vh w

Beach Fun! is the theme at i heart faces! This was taken from our annual beach trip this year and this was by far my most favorite photo. I love everything about it the mood, the very "serious" look on her face, the color, I could go on and on. I think the post processing gave it a vintage look. True Bliss :)
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Fact Friday!

1. A-man has oral surgery this morning. He had an extra tooth (which is why he is extra sweet).

2. Did I ever tell you I have permanent make-up? I do! I have Jade blue eyeliner. Even though it was very painful it was well worth it.

3. I am on the 2 season of Lost and I just can't get enough! I am so glad I did not watch it when it was on TV. I would have had a really hard time waiting a whole week to find out what happened next. Oh and Lock is my favorite :)

4. Daddio had a wonderful time at family reunion last weekend. He can't wait to try out his new recipe "chicken bog". He said it is chicken and rice on steroids!

5. "Chocolate Fixes Everything!" This is our family saying that has remained tried and true over the years! I know, a bit random but I thought I would share this in case you didn't already know.

Have a great Weekend and Hold on to the last bit of Summer that is left!

_DSC0150 w

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i heart faces, Gotta Wear Shades!

_DSC5037 web

Gotta Wear Shades!! is the theme this week at i heart faces this week. I took this of my Princess while she in "Diva" mode while riding her bike! I love this picture of her. A full blown "heartstring picture" one that is so {her}
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Five Fact Friday!

1. I have woken to this almost every day this summer!


Not mine

2010-08-01 11.03.48


2010-08-05 08.23.52

Not mine.

Always having more than my "3" boys laying all over my living room floor. All pictures were taken with my cellphone because I had to document the way these cats can sleep! Boys!

2. The princess got new Shoes!

2010-08-04 15.56.56

Twinkle Toes!

So guess who got a pair too!


Mae, her BFF of course!

3. Daddio is leaving for family reunion out of state alone :( We are staying behind and having a slumber party with my sister Janet (from utah) and watching all the LOST episodes. Hola! But we will miss him.

4. I think I am about ready for school to start again.

5. Football has started and we will eat, sleep and drink football!!!! for the next 2 months.

Have a wonderful weekend!
_DSC3529 copy w

Oh yeah! The Gremlin decided that he wanted to be a hairdresser! So what does a Gremlin do?

Grabs a pair of scissors and sister (Cabell) and goes to town!


and look Cabell is darn proud of the haircut she received! Notice the bangs cut up to the top of her scalp. Nice job Gremlin, nice job!

and what is a Mom to do...


take her to Divas and Dudes! Where sister and the best hair dresser ever could fix her right up. She performed a Miracle! She rocks like that.


and now she is still purty as a picture:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Personal Chef!

It is no secret if you know Daddio, he is a "foodie". Not only does he enjoy cooking he also enjoys growing it. This year we had a garden for the first time. Well he has nurtured that garden like it was one of his children. He is already started planning for "next year" and what changes he will make.

_DSC1392 s

He has tomatoes

_DSC1368 w

and they are going strong! New buds are popping up everyday...

_DSC1385 w

peppers! my personal favorite

_DSC1373 w

Banna peppers, Daddio's Favorite, he likes to pickle these stuffed with sauerkraut. (not a fan)

_DSC1370 w

and Lettuce! YUM

And his favorite thing to make is

_DSC3293 w

from scratch

_DSC3294 w

with the help of his sou chef!

_DSC1508 w

can you guess?

_DSC3301 w

Pizza! Pizza!

_DSC3302 w

with homemade pizza sauce (made from yellow tomatoes,hence the yellow marinara)

_DSC3304 w

Here is a Meat lovers!

_DSC1523 w

which was a hit with the "guys"

_DSC1524 w

my second favorite Barbecue Chicken Pizza

But the yummiest of the all

_DSC1505 w

_DSC1503 w

_DSC3298 w

was the tomato, basil (both from the garden) and fresh mozzarella. Oh how I love thee!
Definitely, a guilty pleasure that I have warned Daddio only to make once every 2 months! And since this was made a week or so ago we only have 6 1/2 more weeks to go! I love my Chef <3
Has your "Family Photo" on the wall began to look like someone other than your family? Well then it is definitely time to schedule a photo session. Now that you are ready you are probably thinking, "what in the world do we wear?" "what location do we choose?" Well today's post is here to help give you some ideas that will make your photos look their BEST!

*First Remember to Relax! No one wants pictures of your family or kids looking uptight and scared. That is why I always visit with my clients (especially children) to introduce myself and get to know them before I start sticking a camera in their face. This helps them relax and have fun. We laugh and chat through out the session. I want my clients to {be} who they are and show it in their pictures.

_DSC0599 w

web 1

web 7

Relaxed and no fake smiles!

*Second, plan a shopping trip online or in person to pick out your outfits. LAYER!! Layering works like a charm to get a few looks out of one outfit. Sweaters, tanks, button ups, jean skirts, leggings, scarfs and hats are all ways to incorporate the layered look. A great place to get some inspiration is Gap, Gap kids, J Crew, Children's Place, 77 kids, American Eagle and other places that offer new seasonal looks. They are full of colors and patterns. Don't be afraid of patterns and have fun using colors and prints that look best with their skin tone. Also use clothing to help tell a story. Hats and scarfs for winter, orange and brown sweaters for fall, bright colors for spring and whites and tanks for summer.

Here are a few examples:

_DSC3214 w

This is my Princess in a recent "studio session" I did just for this post. Lots of layers, color and patterns. They all work and are so much fun! Allyson Causey Photography also brings along plenty of props and accessories to add to your session.
Tutus, petti skirts, headbands, flowers, hats, vintage finds and so much more!

_DSC3255 w

Just a little change for a different look! Proof not to be afraid of color and patterns. Just have fun!

web 3

here is one of my Seniors looking like she stepped right out of a magazine! So relaxed and styled to fit her personality! Perfect:)

_DSC8966 2 w

Here is a family session that totally rocked the "matching" look! It went perfect with the setting of the location and the look they were going for. Definitely a piece of art for their new home.

Lastly Location! Location is certainly important but it is not crucial to make or break your photographs. When you trust your photographer you allow them to be creative and work their style that you hired them for. My style is clean, soft, crisp, romantic images that touch emotions. I use natural light and strobes to produce that style and I can do that with any location. Here is a HUGE example of what I mean; below is a few pictures that were taken in a old overgrown field behind a very busy shopping mall, right in the middle of town! Not the "typical" location a client would pick for a photo session. But the proof is in the image!

blog header 4

One of my most favorite pictures to date! This was my niece and we were headed out to go grab some dinner. I spotted this field and asked her to wrap a scarf around her head and let me take some pictures. She totally looked at me like I was nuts! She had no make up on and an old sweatshirt. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it and more....and another

2010 01 07_8430_edited-2 w

The light was stunning!

_DSC7881 copy bw web

another from a senior session. Just Beautiful!

web 15

and this one was done in a backyard in the midst of winter with no green grass, just dead leaves and barren trees.

Just remember you are the star in your photos. So choose a photographer to capture the style you want and trust them to use their expertise to create the magic!

To schedule a session with Allyson Causey Photography please visit my website for more information.
Just Click HERE!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Fact Friday!

_DSC3346 w

1. Life is REALLY like a Box of Chocolates!! Just when you "think" you have life/people figured out.... YOU REALLY DON'T! You know when you "think" you are getting ready to bite into a caramel chocolate and to your surprise it is a yucky jelly filled. That is what I am speaking of.

2. I am so GLAD to know that I have a God who does know what is around the corner and He is all we need to get us through:)

3. I am itching to get a tattoo! Yep, I am surprised myself. I don't know what to get yet. I have a few in mind but keep changing it. I just don't want to be to "trendy" and I want it to mean something. My sister's ( I have 3) have been talking about a "sister" tattoo that we all will get. I will let you know how this pans out. And I promise I am not going through mid-life. lol

4. I have spent double my budget on groceries since the kids have been home for the summer. I go through 8 gallons of milk a week. Yes a week!!!!! Boys!

5. The picture above was featured on a blog this week and I was so pleasantly surprised. I was even blushing;) Check it out HERE!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diva Camp!! 2010

My sister Coo Coo owns a children's Hair Salon that is just amazing! Not only is it the BEST place to get a hair cut but she has a super fun Summer Camp for girls called "Diva Camp". Well this year she invited the princess to join along in the fun. Let's just say what little girl would not love 3 full days for fun, singing on a stage, pampering and making shinny/glittery things.

_DSC3468 w

She was so excited the last day was "beauty day" nails done check, toes done check, hair done check

_DSC3486 w

make-up done check!!

_DSC3471 w

this place was crawling with Diva's in training

_DSC3488 w

but she was definitely at the top of her class!

_DSC3490 w

and of course her BFF Mae was there.

_DSC3513 w

and lets not forget her cousin from Utah, she was so very excited!!!

_DSC3519 copy w

and the head of Diva's My sis Coo Coo:) She is the Best!

Well on the last day of camp they performed a dance they had learned through out the week. Just Check out why my little Princess was at the top of her class. Girl got some moves...

Thank you Coo Coo. I know the princess will never forget her week at Diva Camp. She will also never forget all the important things about being a Diva like "a diva NEVER makes funny faces"....

_DSC3521 w