Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Rain...

Here in our neck of the woods it has been HOT and HUMID. Rain has been sparse and the trees, grass and Daddio's garden has been screaming for it. This weekend the weather finally gave and we had a 40 minute down pour. Not only were the green plants rejoicing but a few foolish kiddos delighted in its goodness.

_DSC3130  w

That would be the foolish kids I was speaking of

_DSC3131 w

Let me say it again Foolish kids.

_DSC3133 w

_DSC3135 w

_DSC3144 w

_DSC3146 w

only Roger! That would be a glob of Nasty Grass and who knows what else that made it's way down the drainage ditch. YUK

_DSC3147 w

then they decided it was time for a "cheer"

_DSC3172 w

Goof balls!!!

_DSC3166 w

Then they grabbed The Princess

_DSC3165 w

Against her will

_DSC3170 w

then she turned on the charm and broke free!

_DSC3182 w

Then changed her mind and decided it was pretty cool

_DSC3159 w

speaking of cool

_DSC3180 w

before I knew it she was "one of them"

_DSC3178 w

_DSC3174 w

they are all mine and I am proud, sometimes...

_DSC3184 w

And then the rain Stopped and I had a ton of laundry to do and hungry mouths to feed. Awh... Summer:)


Kristi said...

Oh my word, what a fun series of pictures! I've been thinking that if we get any rain here that I'm putting my three outside as well...

Karin said...

This cracks me up!!! Oh my gosh...too funny! Hope your rain comes our way--we are in a 4 wk drought, precipitated by our builder finally getting our grass seed planted. urgh...

Our Journey said...

You are the BEST mom!!!! How fun! It makes me want to go out in the next rain storm we have & run around!!