Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rivah! Day 2

Day 2! In the early morning hours I awoke to the the first of the victims of the "YUK"! Our plans for the day was to go and visit my mom's place at the Bay and chill on the beach. So a few stayed back to watch over Rog as he slept the sickness away.

_DSC0156 w

_DSC0154 w

_DSC0160 w

the cuties played in the sand. The very HOT SAND!

_DSC0177 w

Jen was just a tad upset because it was getting to hot and the water had jelly fish in them so she wanted to head to the pool.

_DSC0169 w

Real Upset! And MawMaw said no! And where was here Mama??

_DSC0159 w

She was out taking care of some important business

_DSC0171 w

so important that Coo Coo had to join her

_DSC0173 w

Tabloid business that is!

_DSC0188 w

then I snapped a few more pictures

_DSC0183 w

and took Jen's advice and headed to the pool. It was HOT people Real HOT! Way to hot to take pictures.


momwithfaithandhope said...

I so enjoyed reading about your summer!!! Love the "Rivah" pics, and whoa - that does look like a public pool. Are you sure they're ALL yours?!

Love the photo of Cabell and Addy (that's her name right? Cabell's little sister?) They are such dolls.

The green pics below are suited to be framed! I love GREEN. That green was used a ton in my own wedding theme.

I have no idea how you find the time to take such beautiful pictures, process, and POST. The boys pics are so FUN!! So who is Bryson? He's all over your blog, and quite the handsome young man. Your nephew?

Your princess forgot to add a water noodle under her arms for triple support! LOL

So who took your new profile pic? Self-portrait, or Daddio? Happy belated birthday BTW to your Daddio. What a great DH and Daddy your family has.

Kristi said...

I got a great laugh out of the "important business!" Of course I catch up on my tabloid reading at the beach too, so it was perhaps a laugh of relief that I'm not the only one...

Our Journey said...

Love the "important business"!! And they were braving the jelly-fish to do that important business? Cracks me up! YES, it's been HOT, so I can only imagine what it's like out there in the sun & hot sand!