Monday, July 26, 2010

The Rivah! Day 1

Last week we spent the week with my family at the B's Rivah House! We have been so lucky to go three years in a row. I just love how relaxing and low key this place is and look forward to it every year. This year was not as relaxing as the years past. Why?

1. Daddio had to stay back
2. 3 out of my 4 kids got hit with the stomach flu
3. 1 of my kids got swimmers ear

Besides all of those things we still had a wonderful week. Not perfect but I would not have traded it for anything!

We arrived early Monday with a surprise visit from my sister and her family from Utah! We grabbed our swimsuit and sunscreen and headed for a day by the pool

_DSC0002 w

_DSC0006 w

Jen was so EXCITED to be hanging with her cousins again!

_DSC0014 w

the princess was making sure she had every flotation device to keep her above water!

_DSC0009 w

Bryson was "cheesing" hoping for a new facebook picture

_DSC0017 w

yeah! that is not a public pool just our crew...YIKES!

_DSC0041 w

then in for lunch and a few photos of these little fruit loops!

_DSC0064 w

Sweet Cabell...

_DSC0066 w

flip flop thief! Girl is gonna go broke with her love for shoes:)

_DSC0121 w

then the "boyz" headed to the pier for a dip in the Rivah. After waiting 1 hour of course so their food could digest.

_DSC0124 w

Ok, who am I foolin?? Does this look like "rule following boyz" NO!

_DSC0139 w

besides they had the Gremlin with them!

_DSC0115 w

but they have have so much fun together

_DSC0114 w

and they will remember these days for years to come!

_DSC0153 w

A little self portrait with the princess and me!

_DSC0109 w

and then day one came to a beautiful end!


Our Journey said...

GREAT pictures. And, yes, that does look a little like a public pool....but what an awesome feeling being surrounded by that much family. I am sorry for so many "bumps" in the road this year.

Kristi said...

I just love the pictures of your sons and nephews together. They look like they have so much fun!