Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture Day at the Rivah!

Had so much fun with the girls and my OCF! check this out!

_DSC0012 copy bw w

My beautiful Niece Hope!

_DSC0041 w

and my other beautiful niece Allie!

_DSC0089 copy w

one of my favorite! Look at that Yummo light:)

_DSC0113 copy w

stunning she is!

_DSC0140 copy w

so natural

_DSC0133 copy w

so pretty!

_DSC0183 copy w

I feel for their mama's, I am sure the beating the boys away...

_DSC0273 copy w

_DSC0293 copy w

check out the drama in the sky, this is why OCF is so beautiful!

Now for the girlie girls

_DSC0466 w

Sweet Cabell and Addy (my nieces)

_DSC0471 w

so adorable

_DSC0518 w

Oh Girl!! So cute but such a stinker

_DSC0497 w

and then there was Mae!

_DSC0567 w

_DSC0587 w

and you ask how I got such cooperative subjects?

_DSC0589 w

I will let you in on my secret

_DSC0599 w

the mention of "CANDY" an "airhead" to be exact, pure sugar:)

_DSC0604 w

It works like a charm every time!

And were was the princess? Fast asleep from 4 straight days of no nap and this

_DSC0407 w

Have a great Weekend!


Kristi said...

I'm sure your sisters love you all the time, but especially when you provide them with such wonderful photos of their beautiful girls!

Karin said...

OOOhhhhhh...loving the gorgeous beach shots!! I will have to get tips from you because I have my very first photo shoot coming up--an engagement shoot on the beach. I am terrified. :)