Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh the Cuteness...

The Princess

_DSC2651 w

this pulls so hard on my "heart strings"

_DSC2566 copy bw w

just love her smile

_DSC2528 w

_DSC0383 copy bw w

Oh my! is she working the camera in this one or what?? lol

Sweet Cabell:)

_DSC2737 w

_DSC0094 copy bw w

This is one Daddio took! Love it

_DSC2300 fb vh w

Be still my Heart! Can you get any cuter than this

_DSC1949 w

don't know why but this just makes me swoon :)

Addy Cake!

_DSC2408 copy bw w

such a sweet moment

_DSC2362 w

Look at those eyes...

_DSC1956 w

and that smile;)

_DSC1964 w

and she <3 s her mommy!

Last but not least Mae

_DSC2728 w

She and the camera just have this relation that just clicks!

_DSC2354 w

see I am tellen ya!

_DSC2304 w copy bw copy w

Beautiful Mae

mar stry board

Oh and the girls!

_DSC2499 w

_DSC2491 copy bw w

Allie & The Princess

_DSC2422 fb mh w

Cousins and Friends

_DSC2415 w


_DSC2442 copy bw w

and a few of Allie

_DSC2488 w

so stinking beautiful


So natural...

and that wraps up all the beauty:)


Our Journey said...

Oh -- these are such beautiful pictures -- I kept thinking "ok -that's my favortie - until I got to another one!" Don't ya just LOVE the beach!?!?!

Kristi said...

You got some beautiful pictures of your nieces and of course your little princess!
Wanna swing by Sunset Beach in August to get some shots of mine? ;)