Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Good Times Rolling...

_DSC2764 w

When we are all together we have so much fun! Life is Good and the kids hang out and laugh like they have not a care in the world. This year we were minus one of my sisters and her family and although we had a blast we felt the lingering hole of them missing. But I know when she sees these pictures she and her kids will make darn sure next year they will be there.

_DSC2755 w

See there was rolling:)

_DSC2754 w

and standing upside down.

_DSC2720 w

Mae was the Barbie and the Musketeer... one of her favorite things to play

_DSC2621 w

there were castles to be built

_DSC2339 w

games to be played (apples to apples)

_DSC2340 w

My Ben wasn't to "feeling it"

_DSC2334 w

and MawMaw was having so much fun she dressed up for the occasion.

_DSC2344 w

Mason was just looking cute with his new beach tan

_DSC2192 w

Riding the wave! I am not sure what was going on here but the water was extremely rough the entire week.

_DSC2191 w

I swear this picture was taken minutes after the first?

_DSC2190 w


_DSC2019 w

this was the raft that caused all the drama the day before for Mae, she did not want anything to do with

_DSC2022 w

but the boys had it Rocking! until they put a whole in it. It lasted all about 45 minutes once they got a hold of it.

_DSC1992 w

then it was body surfing (hence no raft)

_DSC2053 w

which sometimes cause those problems.... pull those pants up Carson:) Yikes!

_DSC2037 w

Look at that form! We gave him a 10

_DSC2024 w

and he was pleased

_DSC1903 w

even the Princess tried ventured out, with her strong daddio of course. Yeah, did not last to long

_DSC1876 w

and what is a beach trip without Frisbee!

_DSC1852 w

Even the big boys got in on some friendly competition

_DSC1854 w

and don't you know that Kevin had a plan and he was laying it down. He eats, drinks and sleeps competition. Win Win Win Win

_DSC1864 w

Jumping the waves was a lot more fun

_DSC1997 w2

and when they were all "beached out" they retreated inside and played the x-box aka crack box

_DSC2000 w

I know it is terrible that they have to bring the crack box to vacation. Not just one but 2. How else can 8 boys survive a week at the beach...

Tomorrow "Holy Cuteness!"


Kristi said...

That cartwheel shot is wonderful! If I wasn't already longing for our week to the beach, now I am! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Our Journey said...

Dito Krisi's comment - great cartwheel! Those wave shots were also GREAT! Looks like you all had a GREAT time!! Sorry you were missing one sister though! :(